Integrated Curriculum Units

 Integrated Curriculum Units are the number 1 way to incorporate your magnet theme in EVERY class! From Language Arts to PE and Music to Robotics, there is something for everyone when creating an ICU.  ICU's are great for documentation, accountability, and evidence of infusing the theme of your magnet program throughout every class at your school.  Integrated Curriculum Units also allow for vertical and horizontal alignment. You can create units based on your theme for every class across every grade level in your magnet program horizontally and vertically. This ensures that topics are not duplicated for the 3-4 years your students are with you. Wrap up each unit with a theme-based field trip, guest speaker, or other fun and educational activity!

Hello! Here you will find resources for Integrated Curriculum Units, or ICU's, from workshops presented by Mrs. Schendowich. If you have any questions or need additional support you can contact her at or by calling 305-947-1451 x2263